pablo alvez

Taking «Totality and Infinity » by Emmanuel Levinas as a starting point, my doctoral project explores the possibility of an ethics-empowered aesthetics, rather than depicting the usual power relation between those two. This has led me to question the role of materials, the public, language, presence, process and space in my artistic practice, which has integrated more and more elements of performance. By proceeding this way, I am thinking Levinas, and at the same time I am nourishing my practice. During this residency I will continue exploring elements in material performance, and in particular I plan to explore (sometimes literally) how interwoven installation and performance with masks and puppets can be, namely through my own temporary laboratory but also in interaction with an eclectic group of artists (some of which I’ve already participated with, some I know little about their work although I know them, some artists whose work I know but I’ve never heard them talk about it, some artists I’ve never met, professional artists and artists who have little experience in showing their work).

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